To invest you need experience and big money?

Not at all! Any amount can make a profit now.

Invest in the auto business, and get up to 1.98% of the deposit amount every month!

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How we are working
Dmitriy Zdankevich. Founder of ZDM-auto Dmitriy Zdankevich. Founder of ZDM-auto

We work according to the principle of bank deposits. Invest the amount, get the monthly dividends, and back the entire amount of the investment at the end of the contract.

You can invest for a period of 1 to 60 months, and monthly receive dividends to 1.98% of the deposit amount.

For clarity, investing 500,000 rubles for 60 months, you will receive 1.094.000 rubles (218,8%), of which 594.000 rubles (118,8%) is a dividend, 9.900 rubles per month.

Dmitriy Zdankevich
Founder of ZDM-auto
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Financial report
for january of 2018
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We have already helped to buy cars
Private investors
> 26 million rubles.
Invested in ZDM since 2015
19 million rubles.
The capital of the firm
> 12 million rubles.
Dividends paid for all time
1,98% в мес.
The largest percentage in the RF
Иконка щита
Minimizing the risks
Our own scoring model and for 5 years tested sales system
Иконка эмблемы качества
Quality assurance
All investments are secured by equipment on the balance sheet of the company
Stable growth
ZDM is developing together with the auto business market (market growth of more than 25% per year)
Payments without delay
Dividends do not depend on the nuances of business, and are paid each month
Concierge service
Investors and customers set the conditions for themselves and receive information in 24/7 mode
Our business is transparent, and already 5 years attracts hundreds of customers and dozens of investors
Our investors
  • Sergey Romanov - Investor of ZDM-auto
    Sergey Romanov
    I learned through friends who have already invested in cars. The guys are adequate, they told everything, explained in detail, showed where, where and how much. All safe, I recommend. Payments on time.
  • Yuriy Kim - Investor of ZDM-auto
    Yuriy Kim
    Understandable business, clear investment options. Investment conditions allow you to clearly understand the amount and time of dividends. If there are any questions, Dmitry answers on the merits!
  • Fatima Bakhtiguzina - Investor of ZDM-auto
    Fatima Bakhtiguzina
    To date, this is the most successful investment I have. Dima pleases! Good luck and prosperity to him.
  • Lyubov Kolomeets - Investor of ZDM-auto
    Lyubov Kolomeets
    Dmitry, does business and makes it possible to make very good money on savings, because no bank will give such a percentage and such a possibility of prompt withdrawal of funds, I managed to invest more when the interest was more tasty, but now the interest is the biggest that I found what else would I add, I’ll examine the new tariff scale in the plan and drop it)) Thank you!
  • Nadezhda Andreeva - Investor of ZDM-auto
    Nadezhda Andreeva
    I invested 150 thousand as an investor. I consider the conditions to be profitable, the risks are minimal, the income covers inflation. Once he got to the point and no more body movements, just once a month money comes to the card. We have never expired, always like a clock. I like working with the guys, I recommend as an investment option.
  • Sergey Minazutdinov - Investor of ZDM-auto
    Sergey Minazutdinov
    Learned through personal acquaintance, work conveniently, flexibly. For myself, I see the point of investing for a long time, and money is saved relative to inflation, and it turns out to be higher under these conditions, I am satisfied :)
  • Anton Kaysin - Investor of ZDM-auto
    Anton Kaysin
    I invested in two ways: by car and money. I know Dmitry for a long time, so I trust. Investment options are flexible and always discussed. Always negotiate. For payments always on time. When you give the car control, really take on all the bumps on repairs and other accident nudyatine. In summary: I am satisfied!
  • Anna Izosimova - Investor of ZDM-auto
    Anna Izosimova
    On word of mouth, I learned that it is possible to invest money here more profitably than a bank deposit. I contacted the director, Dmitry chewed on what the company earned for half an hour)) As a result, she started with a hundred for a year, consistently received the agreed amount of dividends every month, so after half a year she threw a second hundred. As long as everything goes according to plan))) keep it up!

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