Leasing for physical persons
Leasing for physical persons
Дмитрий Зданкевич. Founder ofs ZDM-auto.

By investing in ZDM-auto you will get the maximum interest rate in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Invest in ZDM-auto

Secure your future!
  • Dozens of active clients and investors
  • More than 30 new requests per day
  • 4 years on the market
Theses and advantages
  • Flexible investment packs
    For beginners and experienced investors
  • The largest the percentage of annual in Russian Federation
    Up to 29.70% per annum
  • Calculated Risks
    The most experienced company in this business in Russia
  • Large customer demand
    More than 50 calls per day in every city
  • The most extensive work experience
    We have experience of interaction with private investors and large funds
  • Developing business
    The fastest rate of development in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Investment reliability
    All investments are secured by the company's car park
  • Growing market
    According to our experts' forecasts more than 25% per year
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Why should invest in us?
  • Regularity of payments

    Payments are made monthly, exactly at the time specified in the contract.

  • Guarantees

    All attracted funds are spent on replenishing the fleet, which gives investors an additional guarantee in the form of a constant increase in the amount of equipment.

Increased profitability at the stage of market growth

In connection with the banking crisis, the number of approvals in the car loan market is dropping, which gives us an annually growing market where we are able to work and earn.

In 2016, we did not spend a single ruble on advertising, while we have a huge monthly growing number of applications. Investing at the stage of market growth, you get a maximum of income, which will be impossible to obtain in 5-7 years. Of all the projects known to us, we offer the highest percentage per annum.

No enter border

Very often when investing, you may encounter the fact that companies have a certain threshold of entry, for example - from 50 thousand rubles, from 10 thousand dollars, etc. Our company does not accept such restrictions and gives the opportunity to invest any amount convenient for you.

Calculated Risks

Having a significant work experience, our team is able to work with risks. We do not like surprises - having collected good statistics during our work (available to investors in your personal account), we calculate absolutely everything. The settlement risks (taken into account in the investment model) are increased in comparison with the real ones in half!

Flexibility in working with investors

Our company has experience working with investors of various levels. We are ready to negotiate on each point of our contract, and our lawyers will always be happy to help you in any issue that arose. When investing large amounts of contracts signed in the city of the presence of the investor. It is also possible to open a separate legal entity in which we will be managing partners, which will give us additional confidence in working with us.

Investments packs
Up to 20.82% per annum
Termination of the contract at any time
Up to 29.70% per annum
Termination of a contract ahead of time is impossible
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Feedback from our investors
  • I found out through acquaintances who have already invested in cars. The guys are adequate, they told everything, explained in detail, showed from where, where and how much. All reliably, I recommend. Payments on time.

    Sergey Romanov
    Sergey Romanov
  • Good afternoon. Has enclosed 150 thousand, as the investor. I like working with the guys, get money to the card every day. No delays, runs like a clock. The percentage is 36% per year. I think that conditions are favorable, the risks are minimal, and income is blocked by inflation. More benefits only when the lease a car, but when the car is written down on you, than a number of troubles arise, which confused me. Ride in the event of an accident on clearance, worry if the car breaks down, etc., although guys can such things are not a burden, so this is then a good option. For myself, I chose better than 36%, but calmly and do not have to dodge and worry. I recommend the guys as one of the options for investing part of you money.

    Nadezhda Andreeva
    Nadezhda Andreeva
  • Hey. I invested in two ways: by car and money. For a long time I know Dmitry, therefore I trust him. Investment options are flexible and always discussed. We always reach an agreement. Payments are always on time. When you give your car to they management, they really take on all the issues of crashes, repairs and other routine. As a result: I'm happy! ;)

    Anton Kaisin
    Anton Kaisin
  • I learned through personal acquaintance, work comfortably, flexibly, it makes sense to invest usually from 30% per annum, money is saved against inflation and you earn, here it turns out 36% and higher under additional conditions, I'm happy :)

    Sergey Minazutdinov
    Sergey Minazutdinov
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